Our company was founded in 1981, in the center of world fur industry, Kastoria city, where our workshop on manufacturing of fur garments exists.

For more than 20 years of experience in the fur industry, we are well-reputed among customers due to  the high quality of Greek products, using the most known luxury furs of international fur auctions.

Fur garments don’t lose its relevance for many centuries. Diamond Furs offers exquisite fur coats for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and prestige. 

In our fur shop you can choose a fur coat that suits your taste and preferences.

One of the advantages of our company is a wide range of garments, so everyone can find a fur to his taste. Here you will find coats of classic, traditional cut as well as products that correspond to fashionable current trends.

Our store DIAMOND FURS   has experienced and attentive to each buyer's consultants, for whom the main thing is not to sell the most expensive fur coat, but to give the client a sense of comfort and satisfaction from the purchase. After all, a satisfied customer is not only a regular customer, but also the most active and free carrier of advertising and real professionals know this.

Fashion and fur products have been created for centuries: they were popular and they 

 will always be popular. Therefore, it is time for you to choose your individual model, which can decorate your wardrobe and make your life warmer and more comfortable.