Very often, buyers treat loose coats with some disdain. And in vain, because the "let out" technology is a very complex and time-consuming operation in all fur production.

 This, if you like, is the pinnacle of the technological prowess of the furriers - craftsmen.

To create models of fur coats of an original, fashionable design, the technology is used in "let out". This allows craftsmen to play with the shape of the product and create gorgeous modern fur coat models. For example, to create a flare, different cuts of sleeves, a flounce at the waist , etc. - all this requires great skill, plus the technology let out.

So what is this - Let out technology? I'll start from afar. The fur skin has a certain length, and it, this length, is usually much shorter than the length of the finished fur coat. Ordinary joining of skins is always noticeable, moreover, it can disturb the color transition of skins. This is where let out technology comes into play, which makes it easy to eliminate all these small nuances.

When using let out technology the skin is first cut diagonally into several strips according to a special drawing. Then, with a slightly vertical offset, it is sewn into a single whole so that the length of the finished canvas coincides in length with the size of the future fur coat. Thus, when sewing a fur coat, the possibilities of modeling and design expand, and the finished product looks monolithic and harmonious.

It would be appropriate to add that this technology - was invented by Greek skilled furriers who preserve the thousand-year traditions of fur craftsmanship.

And according to tradition, our Diamond Furs fur and leather salon offers a huge range of modern models of fur products. And our experts are ready to answer any of your questions.