What is the value and feature of marten fur? This is a real fur treasure already because the marten fur is hypoallergenic. People with a tendency to allergies can easily wear products made of marten fur.

And the whole point here is in the features of the pile, which has a well-ventilated structure. That is why the dust does not linger in it, which means that you can not be afraid of allergies.

In ancient Russia, there was even a monetary unit - "kuna". Researchers associate the origin of the word kuna with the marten skin, which was of very great value. Since ancient times, nothing has changed. In the old days, marten fur was equated to gold and only very rich people wore fur coats and hats made of this fur.

Marten fur, without exaggeration, is luxurious and looks like the most expensive and beautiful sable fur in the world. They are so similar that a layman can easily confuse them. The difference between these two types of fur is only in price. Marten fur is much lower than the cost of sable, although it has excellent qualities. What else makes it so special? The thing is that the marten is a wild animal that can be found only in its natural habitat. All attempts to breed marten farms have failed. Hunting for marten is prohibited, only trapping is allowed, which is strictly limited. For commercial purposes, forest and stone marten are most often used. And they differ only in color.

Forest or noble marten with soft fur and dense underfur differs from its relatives by a bright yellow spot on the neck. Fur colors come in several colors:

- dark blue;




The value of pine marten fur is obvious. It is thick, the pile is silky, the feeling is that the pile is flowing at hand to the touch.

In the stone marten, the hairs are not as soft as in the forest marten and the spot on the neck is white. But the skin has a very unusual color. The color is mainly gray-brown, smoky with a fawn tinge. In a word, products made from marten skins are a sign of wealth and belong to the highest class clothing.

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