Crete, Kato Gouves, Diamond Furs - fur and leather shopping center.

Crete, Kato Gouves, Diamond Furs - fur and leather shopping center.

When we position our leather and furs shopping center as the largest store in Crete, that's what we mean. On the island of Crete there is more store with fur, leather, and cashmere products - there is simply no. 3 three! floors of our shopping center are proof of this.

Let's walk the floors together to see this with our own eyes.

So, on the 1st floor you will find a large collection of leather jackets, sheepskin coats, muton coats, cashmere coats, as well as economical, fashionable coats and vests made of mink, fox, raccoon fur - for men and women.

On the same, 1st floor, eyes run up from a variety of fur coats for every taste and wallet.

Between the first and second floors, in a spacious hallway, furs from past seasons are exhibited, which you can purchase at very competitive prices.

The second floor is the VIP room. Here are the novelties of the season, and the fur products of famous world designers: Marco Varni, M. Braschi, Avanti, Bassou-Papadamou, Divine Luxury Furs, etc.

On the same floor, fur coats, sheepskin coats and vests made from fur of the Russian sable, Canadian marten, a collection of products from chinchilla and broadtail Swakara, as well as elite Blackglama and Nafa mink coats are presented.

And finally, we go down to the minus first floor, to our outlet, where you will find wonderful fur and leather items on sale!

In order to see this with our own eyes, we invite you to visit the largest store on the island of Crete, in Kato Gouves (see Google and Yandex maps!) - Diamond Furs.