Craftsmanship based on Greek tradition has long been a brand. And it is not news at all that many of the Italian designer fur coats are made by the hands of Greek furriers.

A Greek fur coat is also a luxury, and a quality that is available to many.

Fur fashion is a very unpredictable thing. Take winter 2021-2022 for example. The hit of this season is the crystal scandinavian fox. A fox fur coat has a special appeal for lovers of natural fur. They conquer the hearts of fashionistas with their lightness, magnificent fur and exquisite charm.

Our Diamond Furs fur and leather shopping center has a large collection of products made from this beautiful fur. Gorgeous models in different shades - from crystal white to fiery red. Fashion comes and goes, and beautiful fox fur coats, as sewn, will continue to be sewn. Keeping in mind that fashion is cyclical, fox fur products will not only warm fashionistas in the winter cold, but also delight with their beauty. And, of course, fox products will harmoniously fit into the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Diamond Furs leather and fur shop will help you! Having visited our fur shopping center, no visitor will be left without a fur coat. By the way, we have a bonus for all buyers - a free style guide from a fur guru. We look forward to welcoming you!

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