The parka jacket is the most comfortable clothing for the city.

Even in the coldest time of the year, be it a girl or a guy, everyone wants to look stylish and elegant. A few years ago, a down jacket prevailed among comfortable clothes.

But today the place of the down jacket in the wardrobe is firmly taken by the parka jacket. Trends change from year to year, and the parka jacket fits perfectly into the life of any city dweller and is combined with clothes of any style.

It is suitable for walking both in the city parka jacket and outside the city, they are worn both to work in the office and on business. In a word, a parka jacket is multifunctional clothing. Especially in our time, when the barriers in fashion are becoming less and less and the word “must” does not exist in fashion, our gaze is focused on alternative clothing.

It is a parka jacket with fur inside that is a great alternative to a fur coat or sheepskin coat.

The parka jacket perfectly warms even in the most severe frosts, it is practical, comfortable, durable and completely undemanding to care for. It will perfectly warm you on the street, it will not be hot in public transport, and it is comfortable in the car. All that remains is to visit our Diamond Furs shopping center, where a wide range of practical parks jackets is presented.

We keep up with the times, keep abreast and produce wonderful things using new technologies. What, in fact, you will see when you come to us on the island of Crete, in the largest fur and leather store Diamond Furs.