An elite or status, glamorous fur toy, as soon as a chinchilla fur coat is not called. It is almost impossible to see a man dressed in a chinchilla fur coat on the streets of the city, at least it is a great rarity.

And that's why. Chinchilla fur is very delicate and completely impractical. Among all types of fur, it has the lowest wear resistance.

Why are chinchilla fur products so popular and so eye-catching, despite all its impracticality, low functionality and high cost?

The thing is that chinchilla fur is very beautiful visually, gradient overflows on the skin create a unique exclusivity and originality. High density and the complete absence of rigid hairs on the surface is the main feature of chinchilla fur. The main advantage of chinchilla fur products is that it is completely odorless, since the animal has no sweat and sebaceous glands at all.

That is why chinchilla fur coats are very light, despite their bulk. So what is the attraction to chinchilla fur? Because these products are worn solely to demonstrate status and material well-being. This is exactly a toy made of fur, because a person wearing a chinchilla product instantly transforms and stands out from the crowd. Such a person is attracted to himself wherever he appears.

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