Buying a ready-made fur coat or ordering an individual tailoring? What is better? To sew or not to sew? That's the question.

A fur coat is an expensive thing and you need to approach its purchase seriously, because it will be worn for more than one season.

Sewing fur products is not the same thing as sewing any dress or suit made of fabric. Yes, this is also not an easy job, but fur is also a huge variety of different and very peculiar nuances that even the most experienced tailor may not know. And, of course, a master, a furrier tailor is simply obliged to know all the subtleties of fur-making skills. After all, for a dress or a suit, you just need a couple of meters of fabric. For a fur coat, it is the number of fur skins, the quality and structure of the hair, and many, many other factors. And if we talk about expensive furs, such as: sable, lynx or chinchilla, then they simply may not be in the atelier, they are too expensive for a small atelier. I think the conclusion suggests itself.

Our store has a large assortment of fur products. These are mink fur coats, expensive sable fur coats, beautiful chinchilla products, as well as beaver and royal rabbit fur coats, as well as sheepskin coats and beautiful rabbit fur coats. And the most important thing is that our factory is a century-old tradition of sewing fur products, it is also a guarantee of the quality of the Greek fur coat, which combines history and technology.

The advice for fashionistas is this: first visit our shopping center, the largest fur store in Crete.After all, we have excellent fur coats in a single copy. And then you will not need to waste your time at all, because individual tailoring takes from one to three months. And, of course, it also saves your finances.

The choice is always yours, because whatever you choose, it will be your choice. We also work for you and for the beauty of fur products.