Very often, guests of the island of Crete ask us, workers of the fur industry – why are fur coats sold here in the summer?

Firstly: this is a traditional Greek product, the same as butter, honey, olives, carob products, and much, much more.

Secondly: a mink fur coat, a coat made of karakul, a sheepskin coat made of chinchilla or sable is a rather expensive purchase. And it is better to approach such a purchase accordingly, with all seriousness, spontaneity is out of place here.

And if you are already vacationing on the island of Crete, take advantage of the great opportunity to buy a fur beauty in our Diamond Furs store.

In the summer we update our assortment, again, at this time of the year we have a flexible system of discounts! Plus a bonus – a free consultation from a fur expert who will answer any of your questions.

So why wait for the winter, when buying a fur coat is done out of necessity, when there will be no time to think, prices will become different and the load on the wallet is significant.

We are glad to see you in the largest shopping center in Crete, Diamond Furs, where you will become the happy owner of a new, fashionable fur beauty.